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Welcome to Coinucopia.


All of the coins that you see on the pages throughout our website have been handpainted.  Depending on the coins characteristics, they can then be incorporated into jewelry, wine stoppers, golf ball markers, money clips, earrings and cufflinks. 


My wife and I began collecting coins as we travelled to various corners of the globe to have something with which to remember our trip. We both also love to play golf. We typically used coins to mark our golf balls, and thought that the coins we collected would be even more attractive if they were painted. I began painting coins, and developed techniques along the way to improve the paint, coloration and protective finishes.


Several years ago I began exhibiting the coins and golf ball markers at small crafts fairs. Gradually I added other products which made use of the painted coins and still continue to find other potential applications as I visit with customers at local fairs and festivals.


Each coin that is used has been selected because of some attractive feature in its design. I clean the coin thoroughly, and then apply enamel paint. Many of the colors, some which are hand mixed, contain metal flake which adds to the sparkle in the finish when exposed to light. After each of the colors are applied and allowed to thoroughly dry, a polymer coating is added. This protects the paint and adds a glass like lustre.


I hope that you will enjoy viewing the coins that I have included in the website. In many cases I have done two or more color combinations. If you see a coin, but would like a different color scheme, contact me and I will see if I have some additional coins. Many of the coins are no longer in circulation, some dating back to the 1800’s, so in some cases the coin shown may be the only one that I have available. I enjoy doing custom work as well. Should you have a favorite coin you would like painted in your choice of colors, contact me and we can discuss your options.


Thanks for visiting the store.

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